Mums On a Mission is a non-for-profit organization, set up and run by mothers with lived experience of severe hardship and social exclusion.

We started our peer advocacy and outreach in 2017, with 4 mums.

Incorporated in 2018, started our youth intervention in our libraries to reduce knife crime and anti-social behavior through boxfit, music and introduction to enterprise by the end 2018 we had reached and supported over 100 families in our borough. 

Mums On a Mission offers services and opportunities to support our communities, those who are facing hardship and want to build a better future and break the cycle of poverty.

Our projects are aimed to boost confidence and empower leadership through community organizing

We engage with members of the community that find difficulty to find support and suitable opportunities to help them flourish. 

Our records shows that we have made significant impact in through our peer advocacy, youth intervention and health and wellbeing approaches.

 we are successfully supporting families throughout the pandemic to meet their basic needs including digital inclusion.

 The project and services started in Barking & Dagenham but has since expanded to other London boroughs and Halifax, Yorkshire.

We aim to build more leaders to lead  positive action in our society and be authentic!