At Mum's on a Mission, we support families who are struggling with everyday life, we help families break  cycles such as poverty, lack of educational development and job prospects. We empower our attendees by supporting them in their development, such as building CV'S writing cover letters and encouraging them to partake in educational courses and training. 

We encourage families to partake in workshops that we facilitate over different periods of time, when families participate in workshops it gives them a greater understanding and development of the subjects on offer.  

List of services provided

  • We offer coffee mornings; this is a friendly gathering where people can talk to each other and get advice or support.

  • SEND community group

  • Domestic violence Freedom program

  • Parenting advisory support

  • Outreach support

  • support with EU settlement applications.

  • Hardship through BBC children in need emergency essential grant

  • We refer families to the right places where they can obtain additional support.



Mindfulness-Strength/Shine workshops- is an exclusive personal development and group mentoring tool used to empower individuals to build their personal value, resilience and potential, regardless of their background, educational or culture. 



This Service is tailored for all genders, is twelve week-long and divided into two parts. 

Physical fitness training has long proven to be a wonderful tool for achieving mindfulness, we will deliver non-contact boxing sessions to encourage them as working out helps to prove to individuals again and again that we can endure physical challenges and overcome obstacles, which equals a major self-esteem boost. Also provides an environment of positive interaction and the feeling of being part of a community, which contributes to positive self-worth. 



Throughout this pandemic we have been actively supporting families and vulnerable people, with food parcels, food vouchers, laptops and data bundles, studio time for the youth, outdoor box fit,  online activities and more, all this with the support of other organisations, we work closely with.

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